PHRFC Has Been Recognised As A LegalTech, EduTech And TechLaw Startup By MeitY

Healthcare is a very wide field and it has many aspects. Legal compliance and adoption of technology are two of the most prominent aspects of modern healthcare ecosystem globally. This makes modern healthcare industry techno legal in nature and a healthcare stakeholder ignoring either is heading for a trouble. We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have been dealing in techno legal issues of healthcare for more than a decade and we are now in  a position to share our expertise with global healthcare stakeholders.

To make our efforts holistic and comprehensive, we enacted two legal entities recently. These are PTLB Projects LLP and TeleLaw Private Limited and they have been recognised as legaltech, edutech and techlaw startups by both DPIIT and MeitY. So our healthcare projects have now not only a legal backing but they have also been recognised as startups by highest possible authority of India in this regard. This makes taxation issues of angel investment and seed funding very easy and investor friendly. There would not be any angel tax on investments made in our healthcare startups.

One of our oldest healthcare projects is Perry4Law’s Healthcare Research and Facilitation Centre (PHRFC). We are proud to announce that it has recently been recognised as a startup by MeitY. So not only PHRFC is part of our existing startups but it has also been independently recognised as a techlaw, legaltech and edutech startup by MeitY.

Now that the basic background work has been done, we are now planning to officially launch it soon. It has a dedicated Twitter handle and more dedicated web resources would be launched soon. We are also in the process of seeking like minded collaborators and partners who are dealing in techno legal healthcare services. We are also looking for seed funding and angel investment for our healthcare startup. If you are interested in collaborating or funding our healthcare startup, please contact us in this regard.

We would also use latest technologies like artificial intelligence, block chain, internet of things, machine learning, big data, etc for our healthcare projects. Due to confidentiality of the same we cannot disclose the details to public at large at this stage. We hope national and global healthcare stakeholders would find our healthcare projects useful.

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